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Naxos Citron Liquer

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Traditional distillery of citron liquer.

In the village of Chalki, in the center of the island, is situated the Vallindras traditional family distillery.

For 115 years we have been distilling the leaves of the citron tree, producing the unique Naxos Citron.

The recipe of Marc G. Vallindras is a trusted family secret since 1896.

The whole preparation continues smoothly in the premises of this neoclassical family house: the distillation and bottling of our products is a process that can be presented to our visitors.

You may watch and follow the steps of distillation in the same alembic that operates since 1896 and taste the Naxos Vallindras Citron in its original source, the House of Citron.

You can also taste and buy all of our products, as well as enjoy original Citron Cocktails, in our Citron Cafe, at the waterfront (paralia) of Naxos Town.

Contact info:
Chalki, 84300, Naxos - Greece
Tel.: +30 22850-31220


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